23122013-IMG_3309How to transform a simple H&M choker to a fancy and bold necklace?

Voici le collier Fantasia que j’ai customisé récemment.



23122013-IMG_3250Qu’en pensez vous? Love it or hate it?

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  1. Giang Trinh Van Kerkwijk says:

    From a simple, minimal H&M choker like this you really changed it into a beautiful, colorful and fun necklace…. Plus those little Chinese masks? I actually had a bunch of them before and admittedly I threw them away after a while (probably because I feel no sentimental attachment to them and to the trip in Shanghai years ago)… can’t believe they can be such an unexpected accent to a piece of fashion jewelry like this. Great thinking girl!

    I can already imagine myself wearing this with my simple turtle neck sweater or a simple T-shirt, et voila, suddenly they are not simple and boring anymore…

    Je l’adore bcp xoxo

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